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Isn’t it just my luck that while in the ocean while on vacation I got barbed by a ray in Runaway Bay Jamaica! I guess there is some meaning to the name of the town, I should have run-a-way!  🙂

So image this, I’m just casually swimming in the ocean about neck height when I put my foot down for a moment when I suddenly feel this needle like pin come into my foot…immediately I knew that something wasn’t right and slowly started making my way towards the shore.

Fast forward 120 seconds and my leg starts to go numb and each step is painful, almost like I’ve been hit really hard and have a bone bruise, As I get out of the ocean I look down and see I’m trailing blood from my foot, I make my way back to the group of friends I went with all lounging on the beach and they could immediately tell something wasn’t right with me (my paleness must have been that much more pale).

They ask “Are you ok?”, I painfully respond with “No, I got hit by something in the ocean.” – At this point the pain was becoming so excruciating that I was having a hard time talking.

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